The Willcox: How to Make The Parisian Cocktail

The South's finest hospitality awaits you in Aiken at The Willcox Hotel, voted one of the best in the world.

Walk the shady, oak-vaulted streets past clapboard cottages and rambling mansions, and you'll come upon her, a grand white-pillared glory as lovely and genteel as a rose on a lapel.

Every winter, the well-heeled of the Gilded Age came to Aiken seeking horse racing, fox hunting and high society. The Willcox was the most stately of the hotels that sprang up to serve them and remains today as grand and graceful as ever.

Gracious, genteel, understated, yet sophisticated and hospitable, The Willcox is the quintessential Southern experience. Come join us; we would love to share it with you.